Vigilant Nation

“What is Vigilant Nation?” you might ask.  Well it’s not a fan club…we like to think of it as a way to communicate with people who are into what Vigilant is. It’s not just the music. It’s an idea, a lifestyle.  Not the sort of culty-weird-rapey-Manson vibe, but much more of a nonjudgemental forum if you will.  A place where we can all share our ideas, goals and dreams. There’s just so much drama and rage, and judgement out there and the point here is to create a vibe that’s all love.   It seems like sometimes we’re taught out of being who we really are.  Vigilant Nation is about reversing all that…because we’re more interested in who you really are than what is socially acceptable or pre-existing. We’re all here for a reason & if we can get out of our own heads a little bit, we can do more than we ever thought we were capabale of.  #vigilantnation #stayvigilant #loveistheanswer #partyvibes #nodrama